Details of the 2014-2015 District A4 Convention  

News Flash!!  Lion Judge Brian Stevenson will be the Conventions Special Guest.  

You, Yes You, are invited to the District A4 Convention.   And here is your invitation.    invitation2     

Convention Chair Newsletter  Sept 2014 / October 2014 / March 2015

2015 Rock & Roll ConventionBelow are the forms for the District A4 Convention being held April 10 - 12, 2015 at the Brookstreet Hotel – 525 Legget Drive in Kanata, K2K 2W2 Tel 888.826.2220. 

Room rates are $161.00 incl. taxes per night (with exception of hospitality suites) and you are responsible to make your own reservations.  

Identify yourself as registering for the Lions Convention to get special rate.

Lion Andy Etherington, PDG is the contact person for the hotel if you have questions. 


Brookstreet 18th Floor Plan 2015 Camp Banting Supplies Wish List
Hospitality Room Reservation 2015 2015 Convention Program (Draft)
Registration Form 2015 Fillable Registration Form 2015
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Program Advertisement Opportunities 2015 General Information
Draw Table Donations 2015 Convention Invitation

Convention Gold Sponsor - Canadian Tire in Perth

Centennial Service Challenge - Sept 2014 Report

The new Centennial Service Challenge (CSC) is an LCI initiative created to celebrate Lions' 100 years of service, and to challenge clubs to acknowledge their community service projects by reaching 100 million people worldwide, by December 2017.

How often have we all said, that Lions seem to be afraid to 'Blow their own Horn', to share with the community the good news of what we as Lions actually do? Well this is your chance through the CSC project, to share the good news with the community and amongst ourselves, and to be acknowledged for our efforts.

You can help spread the word! Encourage your Lion Club Officers (Club President or Club Secretary) to report each club service activity on-line through MyLCI - the online membership and activity reporting system. For each Club service project identified, you are asked to estimate the number of people that will benefit from your Lion service project. lE. Report the number of people attending a Community Breakfast or the installation of a Lions Bench in a community park that could benefit the entire community. By the end of the year I believe we will impress even ourselves, with the impact our Lions Clubs projects will have on our individual communities. And Lions Clubs that participate and report their projects will be awarded a special banner patch in recognition of their contribution to service. And every time a Club reports a project, they will be notified automatically via MyLCI, what patch they have already earned for the year.

Ultimately it is up to each Club to report and quantify their service projects and its impact on the community, but what a great ego boost for your club to see your clubs role in our LIONS global service activity.

F or further details visit

or call the undersigned at 613-323-4646

Respectfully submitted,

PCC 'HoHo' Al Page

Centennial Service Challenge Committee Chair 2014-2015


Penny's BAIT Weekend Testimonial

BAIT Weekend

I am a senior who has enjoyed going to BAIT for several years. This is my testimony of why BAIT is an important event to me annually. I live alone, with my guide dog. We don’t have family in Ontario, so getting out to events is difficult for me. I am totally blind and have no hearing. I use cochlear implants that has restored some of my hearing, but hearing is all dependent on technology. we live in a changing world. Some changes are welcomed, while other changes are unwanted. BAIT is the one thing that has remained as a positive constant event that has made a real difference in my life. For the first 3 years I attended BAIT, my husband went with me. We had happy times. He was also visually impaired. He helped me to communicate, as at this time I could not hear to communicate. Over the years since David’s death, going to BAIT felt bitter-sweet, at first, but now it is a real joy once again. My life changed when David, my husband died, but BAIT was still an event I could look forward to. I have had the same pro angler over the last 8 or 9 years I have been attending BAIT. I feel so secure knowing he would be there to assist me to fish. I know his boat, so being out on the water for more than four hours with him is stress-free, and I experience the feeling of being on the water, and I listen to the sounds of nature, and hear the fish jump when I am lucky enough to hook one and get it into the boat!DSC 0272

Many people who go to fish are experiencing changing vision, which makes going out to unfamiliar places difficult. Bait is where the people feel safe and are transported to the event, given a guide to help make sure they get to all the places, the area where we eat outside, the area we have breakfast, the cabin we stay for two nights, and to where the boat is docked ready for us to go on to fish.

It isn’t often I have the opportunity to meet new people, but at BAIT several new interesting people attend each year. Though I can cook, it is not often I am served meals and enjoy food with the company of other people. Each person has a sighted guide during the weekend, called a Shepherd, who is always nearby to lend a hand to get meals and guide us where we want to go. The Shepherd is important for the safety of each person who is blind. I know some of the shepherds, and they know how to guide people who are blind correctly. The program, during the day we go fishing ,arranges for qualified people who look after our guide dogs, so we can feel good leaving our guide dog with people associated with the Canadian Guide Dogs for the Blind School. We come back to our dogs who have been taken out for a walk, given water and attention while we were away having fun. For me it is rare that I have someone to care for my guide dog. I love him dearly, but because I live alone I would have to leave him alone if I want to go somewhere that the dog can’t go. They are so used to being with their blind handlers, that being alone is stressful for them.DSC 0206

At first I didn’t want to go back to BAIT, for it was a time when I was so happy being with my husband. But I decided to go back and be with people I knew, and those who wanted me to join them. I am so glad I didn’t stop doing what I enjoyed, fishing being on the water. I am glad that I have the opportunity to be active and enjoy the good times that Lions provide to those who want to enjoy the thrill of fishing and being close to nature.

Yes, it is true, the more things change, the more they remain the same. And BAIT remains the same wonderful opportunity to fish and interact with friends and new friends.

DSC 0226This year was the 26th BAIT weekend. I hope the Lions can continue to attract the pro-anglers to assist with fishing and lend their boats and all the equipment to go fishing. I also hope that Lions will continue to find members who are willing to do all the work of shepherds, cooks, transportation providers, security officers, and so many assistants required to register everyone and look after all the needs each person has.




MDA Effective Speaking

Mike and Kris Schulz were Co-Chairs of the District A4 Effective Speaking held at London, May 30th - June 1st, 2014
at the Four Points Sheraton in London.  We won in four categories out of 6.

 Effective Speaking 2014 Lions

The winners were:
Junior French - 2nd Place Abigael Carpentier - Sponsored by the Orleans Lions Club
Intermediate English - 1st Place David Bell - Sponsored by the Beachburg Lions Club
Intermediate French - 2nd Place - Clemence Thabet - Sponsored by the Orleans Lions Club
Senior French - 1st Place - Leila Turgeon - Sponsored by the Orleans Lions Club.
A very proud moment for Lion Mike and myself Lion Kris Schulz 1st VDGE who are Co-chairs to be able to present the trophies to these wonderful students.  They certainly did us proud and our District A-4
Lion Kris Schulz 1st VDGE


A4 Effective Speaking - 2014

The A4 Effective Speaking contest was held March 22, 2014 At Ecole Beatrice Desloges with 21 participants. Bad weather and road conditions may have kept the numbers down as 3 students from Shawville did not attend. The two winners in the english divisions, David Bell and Payton Rochon are both from the Beachburg area, while the three french division winners, Leila Turgeon, Clemence Thabet and Abigael Carpentier all attend Beartice Desloges in Orleans. There was no senior english division contestant.

District Governor, Lion Tony Lawson opened the event with words of encouragement and PDG Lion Gus Estes briefed the judges.

As the host club, the Orleans Lions did a great job organizing the event. Special recognition goes to President and MC Lion Gerry Carisse, as well as team leader Lion Rob Ewing and spouse Bev Wade. The Cumberland Lions and Manotick Lions also provided invaluable assistance. Also helping were Zone Chair Lion Claude Bertrand and Lion Tom Feltmate. The total prize money paid to the contestants was $865., School rental and luncheon of $ 478. and administration to mail letters and print manuals of $466. for a total of $1809.

On March 23 the district co-chairs attended the MD’A’ effective speaking organizing committee meeting in London, ON at which we developed the schedule for the MD’A’ finals May 30 and 31. We were assigned the chairing responsibility for the two French language rooms. To date A4 has paid $1985 toward the MD’A’ finals.

We have invited our 5 category winners to participate in the MD’A’ finals and will pay their room for one night, $120. + HST, gas expenses up to $100., meal package at hotel of $75.and $25. miscellaneous, for a total of $335.60. If all students attend we will have a budget shortfall of about $600. and by copy of this letter we urge any club that has not yet donated $160. to consider doing so for this worthwhile project to reduce the funding shortfall.

Co- chairs 2nd VDG Lion Kris Schulz and Lion Mike Schulz


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