Centennial Service Challenge - Sept 2014 Report

The new Centennial Service Challenge (CSC) is an LCI initiative created to celebrate Lions' 100 years of service, and to challenge clubs to acknowledge their community service projects by reaching 100 million people worldwide, by December 2017.

How often have we all said, that Lions seem to be afraid to 'Blow their own Horn', to share with the community the good news of what we as Lions actually do? Well this is your chance through the CSC project, to share the good news with the community and amongst ourselves, and to be acknowledged for our efforts.

You can help spread the word! Encourage your Lion Club Officers (Club President or Club Secretary) to report each club service activity on-line through MyLCI - the online membership and activity reporting system. For each Club service project identified, you are asked to estimate the number of people that will benefit from your Lion service project. lE. Report the number of people attending a Community Breakfast or the installation of a Lions Bench in a community park that could benefit the entire community. By the end of the year I believe we will impress even ourselves, with the impact our Lions Clubs projects will have on our individual communities. And Lions Clubs that participate and report their projects will be awarded a special banner patch in recognition of their contribution to service. And every time a Club reports a project, they will be notified automatically via MyLCI, what patch they have already earned for the year.

Ultimately it is up to each Club to report and quantify their service projects and its impact on the community, but what a great ego boost for your club to see your clubs role in our LIONS global service activity.

F or further details visit

or call the undersigned at 613-323-4646

Respectfully submitted,

PCC 'HoHo' Al Page

Centennial Service Challenge Committee Chair 2014-2015

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