Communication Protocol on the Death of a Lion


  1. The Lions Club President or designated Lion should contact the family and offer the Lions Memorial Service to the family.  Suggest this is a non-denominational and brief service to which             Lions from their club and others are invited to attend.  A Lions Service is held before or during The service may be conducted by the District Governor, District Officers or Club Members.


  1. The responsible club member contacts the District Secretary AND the District Governor. If these    persons are not available contact the 1st Vice District Governor.


  1. The District Secretary will contact the Lions Clubs and Cabinet members by email with the appropriate information.


  1. The following information is requested (to prevent duplicate notifications to clubs):
  2. Name of the deceased Lion
  3. A brief history of the Lion’s service - years in Lionism, offices held, special recognition/awards, etc.
  1. Name, location and phone number of the funeral home
  2. Visitation times
  3. Date and time of a Lions Service
  4. date, time and place of the funeral
  5. Special family requests.


PDF Version of this Protocol .Communication Protocol

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